Musikalitet med Romina Gasperi


måndag, 15 april, 2019 - 19:30 till 21:30

Kl 19.30-21 Workshop: Musicality in Tango, all levels.
Drop-in (ingen föranmälan), kontantbetalning vid entén.

Different orchestras (Di Sarli, Darienzo, Fresedo) and different ways of moving with the music. How interpret this different orchestras with the body and with tango steps.

Pris: 100 kr

Kl 21-21.30 Efter workshopen finns det lite tid kvar för en praktika (ingår i avgiften).


Presentation av läraren:
Romina is a tangodancer and teacher from Rosario, Argentina. She is also studying to become a dance therapist. She is a Social Communicator, and focuses on the communication and language of the bodies. She have been dancing tango for 12 years and she teached in different countries. Now she is in Stockholm and she will leave at the end of April.


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