The Tradition of Elegance med Vivien Zentay

25 aug 2010 20:00 - 21:30

Vivien Zentay gästar Uppsala och ger en workshop hos oss på Cambalache. "The Tradition of Elegance" - missa inte detta tillfälle!

Workshopen är på alla nivåer och det behövs ingen föranmälan.

Så beskriver Vivien innehållet i workshopen: "Its a thematic workshop, about the technic of traditional tango salon, with clear explanations, interesting details, which help a lot to have a much better quality in the dance, focusing on the footwork, on the posture, on the embrace and on the connection within the couple."

Kostnad: 150 kr

Det finns också möjlighet att boka privatlektioner med Vivien under dagen den 25 augusti eller på f.m. den 26 augusti. Kostnad 400 kr per timme för 1-2 dletagare och 500 kr för 3-4 deltagare. Lokalkostnader tillkommer om du behöver en danslokal (100 kr per timme). Anmäl din intresse till

Om Vivien Zentay:

"Vivien became interested in tango under the influence of her grandmother. She started with classical dance studies at the age of 5, which she continued up to the end of her primary school years.  At the age of seven, after having a short television appearance, she decided to be an actress. She specialized on dramatic arts both secondary and university level. Besides acting, she practiced artistic gymnastics and art jazz dance. With an individual curriculum, at the age of 22 she had the first, at 23 the second master of arts degree. But her affection for tango was stronger then anything, one night enchanted by a tango performance in the theater, she understood there is no other way for her, tango is the only one.
Vivien was formed by many great masters of tango, both in tango salon and tango escenario. Since 2008 she had been  a member of Ballet de Mariposita, which was an important part of her professional training and artistic formation.
In 2010 together with three other young artists, Vivien organized Estudio Darcos, which is owned by the worldwide known tango shoe company Darcos Tango. Although they are independent, creative personalities, these four young tangueros have the common concept of conserving and communicating the pure traditions of tango, and this is a strong basis for their artistic visions, and their pedagogic work. 
The Tradition of Elegance is Vivien’s own project, a chain of seminars on tango technic. 
In the August of 2010 Vivien teaches in Europe."